Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2012 Great Washington ShakeOut Me and Mine Getting Ready!

I follow a blog that was promoting the 2012 Great Utah ShakeOut.  Their event is in April.  I started searching and discovered Washington State had one coming in October.  I have been waiting for the web site to become active.  Today I register for the  2012 Great Washington ShakeOut . 
This is a perfect occasion to update my home, supplies, vehicles, skills and training of the family for an earthquake.  Looking at disasters through the lenses of Risk Management an earthquake is the highest for my family in the disaster lists.  I do not like to feel unprepared.  I hate the panic feelings it brings to me.  The solution is “BE” prepared.
I was just talking with friends yesterday about the 72 hour kits I keep in my vehicles.  It seems at any one point one of the 3 vehicles has its 72 hour kit in the garage.  You know how it happens.  We need the room in the vehicle for a load of items.  More space is needed so the kit gets removed.  It seems it takes months to get it back in the vehicle.  I was telling the friends it is my luck that would be the vehicle I was in when the earthquake happened.  I have a note on the front door to check all vehicles for the kits today.
It is fun when information comes in several ways to us on a subject.  My son this week was sharing his concern about Seattle and an earthquake.  He lives on Puget Sound in Seattle.  Then my husband read an article this morning on Seattle’s statistics on an earthquake [Seattle-warned-it-needs-to-do-more-to-prepare-for-quake].  I checked the Washington ShakeOut web page and it was up and running.  Put the 3 together and it is time to make the extra push for my family and earthquake preparedness. J

I will be sharing how me and mine progress on preparations.  I encourage you to check out the 2012 Great Washington ShakeOut web site!  Judy

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