Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Preparing for TEOTWAWKI, Depression II, Great Recession or an Emergency with Family Lore, Stories and Teaching by Example!

I follow many blogs on preparation, emergency awareness, gardening, food storage, practical living, sustainability, being a modern survivalist, peak oil, peak anything, financial news, TEOTWAWKI, spiritual inspiration and just plain fun subjects.  Yes I love to read and find the Internet the greatest library!

Now what does this have to do with my title?  I made a post on another blog that I wanted to share with you.  Here it is -

Depression Stories - The “Depression” was fixated in my mind by my Grandmother and Mother. The stories were passed down. My Mother has written a variety of stories on how the family survived during those years when she was a child. I believe family lore is important. I have read how leaving an “ethical will” allows for “what I learned in life and hopes for the family” to be passed from one generation to the next. Family stories put into book form do the same. Even movie stars are into writing what worked and did not work in their lives. In our family we have a Christmas tradition that came straight out of the Depression. My Mother’s parents would buy a tangerine [expensive in that era], an Almond Joy candy bar and a package of gum. Then they would divide them up as a treat. Every year members of my family get a brown paper bag with a tangerine or orange, an Almond Joy candy bar and a package of gum to remember how far the family has come. This last Christmas my Mother read her story about the tradition. Maybe that will become a tradition as well. It was an inspirational moment. I believe family traditions and family lore is an important tool in the box of “how to live prepared for whatever”.

Buzz Terms - When it comes to terms I find that “buzz words” are helpful as well. My children are in their 30s and 40s. They respond to terms like “sustainability”, “locally grown”, etc. I use the term “pantry” or “food storage” but my mother called it in her stories the depression term – larder. I guess in the future those who read her stories will have to have a dictionary to explain the meaning [smile]. I use the buzz words when I “Tweet”, on my Blog and on my personal Facebook page. My goal like everyone reading this is to BE prepared for whatever happens.

Staying Ready for “Whatever Happens” - I strive to keep the pantry full and have long term food storage. We garden and have an orchard even if they are in pots. It keeps our fingers in growing things and lets my children and grandchild “see” how it is done. We keep emergency items on hand. We are always working on something that will keep things up to date. I guess it is teaching by example. This year as you might remember I had a series of surgeries and almost died. I might not live to see the next Depression or TEOTWAWKI. I follow the blogs, keep inspired and do my best in preparation. I try to blend my life with necessities as well as trimmings. I have lived poor and comfortable and I prefer comfortable. My goal is an abundant life and being prepared is part of that life.

Hope you found something that will inspire you to live a life filled with Abundance and Prepared! Judy


Herbalpagan said...

doing our best to be prepared and to pass on that knowledge is all we can do. I hope that my efforts have soaked into the minds of my children and grandchildren.

Judy Justice said...

From you blog I can tell you are doing a good job at that! Judy