Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall in the Orchard and Small Garden

 Good Morning to all!
Fall is here in the Puget Sound Region.

  The Cows are enjoying the morning mist fog here.  You might enjoy a previous post about them.  Pastoral Life at Its Best in a Small Garden!

We checked the apples this am again to see
if more were ready.


The last of the grapes need picking before the critter that has been enjoying them as well eats the last of them. We finally added the netting but he/she still found away around it. 

Blueberries and Roses 
     The Blueberries and Roses are still giving a wonderful display and tasty food.


Our grandson keeps wanting to play outside in the dark.
We have street lights that help.  All of the other children are inside.  He just needs to be outside though. As I walk around him letting him play, he just cannot let go of summer.  

He wants the sunshine and the fun with friends playing outside.  A neighbor got out of her car and as she walked to her door I said - He just can't let summer go.  She said - All of us wish it would linger longer.  Fortunately he has Halloween to look forward to!

Climate change or just a natural cycle, Western Washington State
did not get the long warm  lingering fall.  Rain and cool weather arrived early. 

Going to enjoy the fall day anyway! Judy

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