Monday, October 10, 2011

Water Is Getting Scarce - Where Does Your Garden Water Come From?

I have lived on three corners of the United States [Seattle, Miami, Boston].  I have spent time in Southern California.  Each region has a different typography, different climate, different demographics and different industrial needs.  Yet, water is an issue in all of the regions. 

Seattle gets what might be thought an abundance of water.  During the winter I would be happy to share it around the country.  I live in the region. Check out the rain levels during the winter in Seattle.  If only we could sell some to the dry regions - ah a new business idea. I need to quit grumbling about the rain.  [See links below]

Miami has a shallow water table.  "The Biscayne Aquifer is very susceptible to pollution for several reasons
-- great permeability, unconfined, near surface, in urban area - many landfills, leaking gasoline tanks, airports, industry."  It was moving to Miami in the 1980s that really educated me on the needs of water and its quality.  [See links below].

Boston has many years of industrial impact to the water sources.  I can say when I lived on the North Shore of Boston the water did taste great.  [See links below]

Southern California region is struggling with water issues.  When I visit there it is in the winter [when Seattle gets rain smile].  There are concerns that water shortages will increase.  The state works to keep its citizens aware. 

What sparked me to write on this subject was an article on the legal issues between Colorado and Kansas on water rights to a shared river.  Colorado has to empty a reserve to make up for their over usage. The issues of water rights are discussed for Arizona, California and Nevada involving Lake Mead the world's largest water reserve.  [See links below]. 

Texas has been in a serious drought as you are aware.  This has impacted many industries and gardens.  [See link below]

As you look ahead for your garden it would be good to ask yourself, Where does my water come from?  It would be good to research water conservation for your garden.

Rain is falling today in Seattle!  I will try not to grumble [smile]! - Judy

Seattle -  Rain amounts
               Helping citizens maintaining quality water.
Miami - Aquifer concerns
             Helping citizens maintaining quality water.
Boston - Shallow water table
              Helping citizens maintaining quality water.
Southern California -  Drought Concerns
               Water Shortage Looms
               Helping citizens maintaining quality water
Colorado - Water Shortage Looms
Texas Drought

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