Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pastoral Life at Its Best in a Small Garden!

The "Pastoral Life" has been something that through the ages people have romanticized. There has been music, paintings and plays about the life.  When we created our Small Garden we did not expect to find it.  Yet, it is in our small garden.

I want to share it with you -

First the Pastoral Life was dreamed of while sitting in an atmosphere of gardens.  This is my grape vine on a trellis.  Here is a close up of the grapes almost ready for picking.

Next here are apples almost ready for the eating.

Now I want to share with you a peak through the Cherry Trees in the midst of the fall morning.

Now notice as the fogs lifts and you will see what was considered the pinnacle of the Pastoral Life.

It is cattle or cows in a field though the seasons.  We do feel fortunate to enjoy scenes like this from our "Small Garden".  I like to think I have an Urban Farm as I shared.  The cows are there for our pleasure without the work.   

Enjoy our Pastoral Life!  Judy

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