Saturday, November 12, 2011

Urban Farming through Hydroponic Gardening and Grow Tents

It seems I have had a variety of ideas recently.  They all will take some time to bring into reality.  Winter is blowing around me.  The weather experts believe by Friday we will have our first snow.  Fortunately the last of the grapes and apples have been harvested.  This year the garden had its successes and its "need to improve" areas.  I will miss the fun of watching things grow.

On that point I have a desire to grow things inside this winter.  I have been shopping my local area and online at different approaches to growing food inside.  With the cloudy weather that will dominate the rest of this winter I know that a greenhouse is not enough to grow what interests me.

Now I am not looking at exotic foods.  I really am a "meat and potatoes" type of eater.  Keep it simple is my approach to food.  I want to have a fresh supply of spinach in particular. 

My husband and I were browsing a new garden store. Immediately my eye caught sight of  "sun huts". I realize then and there my "want one" button was activated.  There are several other manufacturers for this type of product such as Secret Jardin Dark Grow Tent.  Here is a site that reviews the Grow Tents.

Grow lights have been on my shopping list.  But once I saw the "sun hut" -- I knew I had to have one.  I even like the concept of "Sun".  Why?  Because, Western Washington has limited sunshine all winter.  Here is a link that will show you month by month the weather here.

Hydroponics has been circling my life for a long time.  This year it has moved into my radar zone.  The concept of growing food in a controlled situation fits my "keep it simple" type gardening.  It is a continuation of my "urban farm" lifestyle.  Here is an interesting article on growing food in skyscrapers and other interesting places.  My goal is much smaller in fact just a miniature of the idea.  A whole building would be overwhelming for me.  But a small scale approach for the home is appealing.

I plan on doing more research and then press my "I've got to have one" button and give them a try.  Judy

P.S.  I want to look at solar power for the light.

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