Friday, September 09, 2011

Thankful Yet Being Vigilent - Knowing My Area Could Be On the News Tomorrow

It is so easy to sit back in my comfortable life.  I am so fortunate right now we have the following:
  • Good Weather
  • Good Job
  • Connected Family
  • Pantry Full
  • Emergency items in place
  • Container Garden and Orchard
  • Resources in the area
  • Sharing with others in need
  • Good Neighborhood
I believe it is important to soak up these good things and be thankful, while I have them.  Enjoy them but not get complacent.  I can enjoy yet, keep vigilant in keeping these items in place.  As I listen to the news I see many are suffering.   If you have not put in place the above list, you might start working on them.  You never know if your area will be on the nightly news tomorrow.

Truly that is Abundant Living as a Sustainable Life!  Judy

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