Wednesday, May 06, 2009

To Be Sustainable and Survive - "Follow the Money"

I realize that in the past "Following the Money" did not usually lead to Sustainabiity. I believe things are changing. When reviewing the US Government's Budget you will find Sustainability has risen to the top like cream in milk.

Today I discovered an article written in 2008 about the economic power shifts in business for 2009. My 2nd Master is in Finance, so this article jumped at me. If I was going to boil it down to something a small business or home could use, I would say "Money Talks", therefore "Follow the Money". Decisions need to be made based on survivability of the small business or home. This survivability can lead to Sustainability.

My suggestion to surviving is "Follow the Money":
  1. Look seriously at the new US Government Budget.
  2. See where the money will be spent.
  3. Consider how you can tap that money.
  4. Adjust your business and home revenue stream around those large Rivers of Money.

Oh here is the article from the "Economist" -

Enjoy! Judy

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