Friday, April 24, 2009

Being Prepared for the Unexpected - Be like the Stores Stock the Shelves!

Sustainability brings up many issues in my mind. Today I will address the ability to Sustain my family during the unexpected. Mexico right now is trying to contain a very deadly flu. Now I live in the Pacific Northwest. But the Mexico to my region connection is active. It could be in my backyard quicker than I would want to think about. In a situation like this I would not want to be out in the public very much. It is critical that I maintain a supply of what my family needs and uses at home. A harvest to harvest [1 year] approach is good.

Spring is a perfect time to reaccess the family pantry and bring it back up to "filled". It is easy to let the pantry slide during the winter months. We have eaten quite a bit out of ours. It is time to reshake the shelves and see what needs purchased. Fortunately the garden [I hope you are planting one!] will give wonderful fresh food this summer. Yet the need to have the necessary items is all the more critical now. Be like the stores and Stock to those shelves!

Happy Pantry Stocking! Judy

P.S. A helpful article "Stay at Home Toolkit for Influenza!"

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