Wednesday, October 26, 2011

7 Billion and Counting - What does this have to do with my Small Garden?

The number alone is hard to comprehend.  Over the last 40 to 50 years at least there has been a concern the world would reach this number.   Over the millenniums populations would rise and fall.  The Feasts and Famine cycles seem to have ruled this world for a long time whether it was agriculture, people or disease.  Ancient religious books reveal this cycle.  The agriculture model operated on this cycle.  In the last hundred years through "modern" farming techniques the cycle has been delayed. Disease cycles have been stopped with vaccinations.  Yet the populations continues on its feast cycle [explosion]. 

Several questions now need asked-

     How many people can live on this planet before the resources are used up?

This question is being debated.  There seem to be "think tanks" that have crunched the numbers and believe we are on the threshold of "peaking" to disaster.  When the Supply and Demand Cycle reaches its "peaking", this is what potentially will happen.  
  • Billions of people wanting more of the Supplies of the World.
  • Demand will go up.
  • Existing Supplies will become scarce.
  • The cost of everything [energy, food, clothing, necessities] will go up as the Supply is significantly less than the Demand.
  • Wars will eventually erupt over the cost of the items because Demand is up and Supply is down.
  • Famine will result from the costs and lack of basic needs.
  • Disease will return because of the costs and lack of vaccinations.
Of course as a result of this, the ancient Feast Famine Cycle will return with the population dropping possible drastically because of Lack of Basic Necessities, War, Disease and Famine.

     Why is something not happening to stop the return of this Feast Famine Cycle?
  • There are those that do not believe the situation is alarming.  They even question if the "think tanks" are right. 
  • There are those that believe Science will find "magical" answers to the problem.
  • Religions that were created during the ancient past when Feast Famine Cycles were regular put an emphasis on having large families.  It was important then to have enough people to farm the land, store the food, create the clothing, necessities for the family and take care of the aged, which were few.  They are still against any changes to the ancient position on family sizes even under a looming disaster.
  • Each country is busy taking care of its population and does not want another country to tell them how to do it.
  • Each country has resources different from another country.
  • Some think the Large Corporations view this cycle as the perfect wealth builder.
  • Some think the Extremely Wealthy do not care because they view it as the perfect wealth builder cycle.
  • Individuals have not researched the facts.  They just listen to their favorite "speaker", who says the old ways are fine.
  • Some who live in the US see lots of land, farms and room for growth.  It will not impact me is the attitude.
  • Others say we have heard all of this before when the population was at 4 Billion, 5 Billion, 6 Billion.
  • I'll be dead by then anyway attitude.
      How does this impact  my small garden?

  • Prices of everything [food, energy, basic necessities] will go up.  This includes my seed, water and fertilizer.  This has already happen.
  • Commercial farms in the US will sell their products to the highest bidder anywhere in the world, which will drive the prices of food higher even though it is abundant in the US.  This is already happening.
  • My household costs such as heat, food, health care and more will rise higher.  They already are.
  • My ability to get some food items will be jeopardized in a high Demand and low Supply situation.  This will come.
All of this gives us a good reason for having a garden and an orchard.  It may be small but it keeps our gardening skills up.  It makes sure my family can enjoy some fruits and vegetables each year.  It teaches our children and grandchild by example how to garden and run an orchard.

Billions of people on the planet do impact my small garden!  Judy

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