Saturday, October 22, 2011

Living the Prepared Life - Gone Fishing!

It seems even in the rain it is a good time to go fishing.  Life gets to be such a "hustle and bustle".  My grandson [five years old] insisted on going fishing yesterday.  So late on Friday we found the perfect fishing hole.  Now I should let you know he did not have a hook on the line. The feather was there.  The bob was there just no hook.  We had not planned on this fishing trip.  It was a last minute "I gotta go fishing!" moment. 

Off we went with the fishing jacket, Fireman boots [I called them Fireman Fishing Boots], umbrella [Again a fireman umbrella that I called a Fireman Fishing Umbrella], fishing vest, fishing pole [without the hook] and a fishing tackle box filled with rubber worms.  We forgot a bucket - in case he caught a fish.  Oh well no hook....

The pond had a dock which was perfect.  [Next time I will take a chair to sit on.]  Yet, while you are busy helping hold the pole just in case the fish bite and the fishing pole falls into the lake it is hard to be sitting LOL.  Oh Ya I forgot no hook.  We were teaching him though just in case.

Container gardening is fun, healthy and part of the Abundant Life.  Being prepared for emergencies is fun, profitable and is part of the Abundant Life.  The Abundant Life includes "Gone Fishing".  It is those bonding moments that are priceless. 

Grandpa and Grandson

Next Time We Will Have a Hook, Bucket and a Chair!  Judy [Being Grandma Now]

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