Monday, November 02, 2015

Just When You Thought You Had Heard It All - Koppel's Lights Out Book Comes Along

Ted Koppel has a history of familiarity to many Americans.  He has not been a "the sky is falling" type of reporter.  His current book, Lights Out, is researched and practical.

If you have not heard his Youtube video then here it is - Lights Out - Ted Koppel
Do watch it if you have not.  It is only over 7 minutes of time but a years worth of thoughtfulness.

Cyber crime has been demonstrated and is like he said almost normal in our world.  The emphasis he puts is on the ability of not an EMP to knock out the electrical grid but a cyber attack.

We hear a lot about EMPs in the alternate community.  Knocking out our electrical grid is just another approach to putting the Lights Out in America.

Be sure to order the book.  It takes an extra week even with Prime to get it.

Now the big question is - 


Easy to talk about the problem.  Are you ready to act on the information and be as prepared as you and your family can?

Here is part of how I am preparing.  Food that can last up to 30 years!  -

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