Monday, November 02, 2015

Solar Flares in the News Again! Nov 2 and Nov 3

Another storm is coming at us!  What is good news is the US Government is putting a plan together to protect the electrical grid and other infrastructure that would be compromised by an solar event. 

From Washington Post

In reviewing an article on the subject I noticed something - Strong Geomagnetic Storm Could Hit the Earth Today or Tomorrow 

This something was just a passing comment made by the Department of Energy.  Here it is:

"After a power grid disaster, government and utilities’ highest priorities will be getting power plants online and making sure medical facilities and first responders have the power they need, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
“Homeowners, business owners, and local leaders may have to take an active role in dealing with energy disruptions on their own,” the DOE wrote."

Did you notice - we have to deal with energy disruptions on our own! Do I hear silence!  Of course they will be putting all of their energy into protecting and restoring services to the whole community.  But...they won't be able to get to you as quickly as you would like. 

Do you have a plan?  Do you have enough supplies for an "event"?  Do you have enough food and water? 

Now to be realistic and not alarming here is a few supplies you might look at:
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Worth a peak for sure!  Enjoy those Northern Lights!  Judy

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