Sunday, November 08, 2015

My Motto: Have What You Need BEFORE You Need It!

I have spent the last couple of years praying regularly that my children, grandchild and my husband and I to have the blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh - hint:  Notice the order of their names!   

I had an awareness that struck me like lightening today!!!
Let me back track a little.  You might or might not remember the story of Manasseh and Ephraim.  They were Joseph’s [from the bible] boys.  When his father was about to die he took them to receive the family blessing of inheritance.  As they entered the room Joseph set the boys in their birth order, which was Manasseh and Ephraim.  This way Manasseh would receive the first born blessing then Ephraim would receive the second born blessing. To Joseph’s surprise his father crossed his hands and reversed the order of their blessings.  Joseph was sure something was wrong and tried to correct his father’s hands.  He father said – no this is the way it should be. 

Why would Jacob change the birth order? 
This is where it gets interesting.  Ephraim’s name means “Double Blessing” and Manasseh means “Forgetful”.  It could be said another way Ephraim means “feast” and Manasseh means “famine” with the ability forget it is a famine, which could mean time to rise above the “famine” time in life and see the good.    
Now the order would not be Famine first and then Feast
 Double Feast first to cover the “Famine” time in life and let the “Famine” be forgotten.
I see this as the Feast Famine Cycle put in place.  By having the “Double Blessing” first you can then handle the “Famine Time” and could even “Forget” there was a famine.
As I said I have been asking for that blessing for years.
I have called it
“Have what we need before we need it blessing”.

I have viewed this concept as a lesson to be applied in life.  Through the years when I had on hand an item and then a need came for the item.  I would say "look we have what we needed before we needed".  It had become a game of success for us. 
Due to the approaching retirement of my husband, I have stepped up my preparation approaches. 
I know there will be bumps during the transition to retirement. I am aware we will make mistakes in our choices as well.  We just want to cut the mistakes down to a minimum. We have several excellent retirements which have been blended with Social Security.  Our life took us through many a famine time and not always with the Double Blessing first.  We knew firsthand the sorrow of living without preparation of a Double Blessing.
Here is how the retirement plan is working:
Step 1 – Refinanced house to a lower interest rate with a cash back loan.  My husband is a veteran so that gave us an excellent opportunity to do that.  Because of how our life played out we do not have a “free and clear” house.  So this was our best approach for the moment.
Step 2 – Use the Cash from the refinance:
·         Pay down credit card debt
·         Stock the pantry with 6 months to a year of food. We started double stocking the pantry up to 6 month level and hopefully to a 1 year level of food and supplies.  This way if one of us get sick or has a surgery or whatever, which all happens at our age, we would have plenty to carry us through.  Plus it saves money buying in bulk and when prices are lower.  Everything seems to just keep going up.
·        Yes we had asked for the blessing, yes we had been whittling down the credit cards and paid off cars over the last couple of years.
·       We have looked for opportunities like becoming involved in several Direct Sales Companies such as Thrive Live.  Oh here is our Thrive Life web site. .   

I have been reading a lot of Blogs on preparedness and Food Storage and Home Store lately.  I like the idea of a “Home Store”.  In the process I stumbled over a plan that helps set the budget in a positive mode.  It is paying your monthly bills ahead.
 Yes I said AHEAD! 

Now when I had my surgeries in 2011 I did that.  Every time I went into a surgery I paid the bills for the month ahead.  This way if I died Jesse, my husband, would not have to face bills for a while.  I am not one to use auto payments because if there is any “hiccup” in the system – my end or societies – there are those lovely fees!   

After reading this article I realized I wanted us to do this.  Then the budget is turned into a “zero based budget”.
What is that???

It is where you put every bit of your money into a predetermined category or envelop if you are not using a spreadsheet.  This way you will not “feel” so flush with cash that you make purchases that “blow” the budget. J 

So I have added Step 3 to the process. 

Step 3 – Pay bills ahead 1 month and stick to that and have a “zero based budget”. 

Today is when like I said I had an “Affinity Moment” – The discovery of a truth. 

By praying for and acting upon the desired “Double Blessing” I can truly have: 

What I need before I need it!”

The Ephraim [Double Blessing] first and the Manasseh Blessing second [the ability to forget there is a famine/hard time] and in that order!

That was the new AWARENESS that hit me to live AHEAD not for the present!

 So now I am even driven more on my plan of putting in place all the things I can think of  “Before I need them”!

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