Friday, October 30, 2015

Cutting Back on the Big Box Store - Not Really Just a New Strategy

You have to understand my husband has spend the last 7 years going to Costco 3-4 times a week.  We live just over 2 miles away.  Sheer danger written all over that. You know if you have shopped Costco that a $20 trip is unheard of. lol He was a great shopper though.  He would stick to the list and bring small surprise items home, which was fine.  I was the one that would spend $500 a trip.  We were both working and the cash was flowing.

This is the year that big changes arrived.  He had a mild stroke in Aug.  The regular trips disappeared.  My health is such that I could not pick up the ritual.  Our son and grandson live with us but our son is busy working.  So as the dust has settled and my husband is recovering nicely but slowly I have implement a new strategy. 

The goal is to shop 2x a month.  

So I create a list that is designed to make it easy for our son to do the shopping.  Since I know the store in and out.  I create the list as though I am walking through the store front to back to the refrigerator items then to the meat over to the paper, laundry, dog supplies up to bread and the freezers then over to the milk then over to the canned goods and ending with the pharmacy.  Oh I do include the candy area at the end.  :)

This approach is starting to take shape.  This is the 3rd time we have done it.  Yes our carts look like the one above.  My goal is to actually shop only 1x a month.  It will take another refrigerator to meet that goal.

I have been building a deep lauder [food storage or home store].  The approach will save us money and time.  The benefit is if funds are low one month, health issues arise or an emergency happens we will have plenty of food.  :)  I like the sounds of this!!!!

Another part of the plan has been to implement My Thrive Q!
What is the Q? 

It is a wonderful program.  You get fabulous freeze dried or dried foods shipped each month to your home.  I am able to set a budget for each month.  Then place my order.  I love that it is delivered right to my "door step".  I am modifying my pantry to include more freeze dried and dried foods because they save time, space, money and give more nutrients AND flexibility in preparation than canned goods. 

Have fun building your pantry strategy!  Judy

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