Monday, April 09, 2012

Warmest Winter on Record Except for My Garden

It was interesting to read this article the US Sees Warmest March in Record

My garden is located in Washington State.  It was colder than normal.  My cousin in Illinois was sharing photos on Facebook of his spinach up 6" the middle of March.  It was raining with almost snow in my backyard.  Plus we had lots and lots of rain and wind.  Because of a storm the middle of March our home will be having a new roof.

Easter actually was the warmest day of the year here.  We put our top down on the convertible.  Yes I care about the climate issues, earthquake preparedness, food storage and a garden with orchard in the back yard and still enjoy a convertible.

Today it is warm again.  It was 70 degrees [I know everyone East of the Rockies had that a month ago].  My grandson asked to be taken to preschool in the convertible with the top down. :-)

This week I hope [unless the weather reverts to the cold again] to set up my new 4'x4' garden frames.  The plan is one for me and one for my grandson. 

Crossing my fingers the weather stays nice!  Judy

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