Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Think in the Container for an Orchard

Several years ago I wanted my husband to have something he had wanted a long time - an orchard.

Now I like to garden and he liked an orchard.  Through the years our homes were never located in a good place to make that dream come true.  I had created our backyard into a huge patio.  Then I filled it with garden pots for veggies and flowers.  One day I said to myself - Why not an orchard.  I looked around and could not find anyone that had material on the subject.  Finally I told him - let's just do it anyway.

Wa La!  The beginning of a fun journey. 

Fortunately I decided we needed pictures of the adventure.  The result is this blog and the YouTube videos.  Each year in the Spring the number of people that watch the videos and follow the blog have increased.

Here is the first video.  You can find the others listed on the side bar.

Spring has sprung - consider a Potted Container Orchard for your backyard!  Judy

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