Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just as I was Thinking "Spring Garden" IT SNOWED

Just as I was thinking "Spring Garden" IT SNOWED!

My grandson is playing in the snow in the garden today.  Now this is March 13.  Usually it is raining.  I always start "wanting to plant" about now.  Western Washington State has a rule - Do not plant before Mother's Day....that is 2 months away.  I know though it will not be long before radishes, spinach and kale can be planted.

I notice at a garden center the neatest container garden 4'x4' with the cover for frosts.  I keep looking at my garden and wondering where can I put it.  Room is a premium in the patio garden. 

This year I want my grandson to help Grandma plant a garden for him to nurture, harvest and enjoy.  That is where the 4'x4' container garden would be handy.  Then he would have his and Grandma would have her pots. 

This year the garden will have added features one way or the other.  His slide and tower needs worked into the patio garden as well. 

If you want to see the garden and orchard through the years, here is the link.  You will see why I can't wait to plant!


Here is my link to the Winter Garden.  http://thoughtsfromwisdom.blogspot.com/2012/02/gardens-and-orchards-are-for-winter-fun.html

Still wanting the new container garden LOL!  Judy


Beth Sage Owens said...

Did it freeze up or was the snow just on the surface? Everyone is talking about gardening nowadays, and it's so beautiful how this just crosses all cultural boundaries and everyone just loves to yak w/ just about anyone about it! Have a blessed day!

Judy Justice said...


Thanks for your thoughts. Pacific NW snow melts fast most of the time. We have had a cold Spring. Gardening is a love for all as you shared. Hope your garden is doing well! Judy