Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Blooms are Signaling Spring

The blooms are beautiful today. 
I took some pictures of the potted orchard and berries to share.

Here is the apple tree.  It is in full bloom.  We have a resident humming bird that kept checking me out while I was taking pictures of the tree.  I tried and tried to catch a picture of him/her.  The bird even flew down to inspect the new poodle puppies that were out checking out the garden as well.  It was fun to watch.  It was not sunny at the time so the beauty of the tree is muted.

I had to take a picture of these blooms as well.  They are the columnar apples trees. 
Some of the blooms have actually set apples already!

The blueberries are beginning to really bloom. 
The humming bird loves them!

Finally I snapped a picture of the strawberries.  They are blooming as well.
It seems the gardening season has finally started! 

 YEA! Judy

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