Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Friendship is Sharing a Bone!

It has been 10 years since we had a dog in the family.  We had grown up with dogs and had dogs as our children grew up.  The loss of the last one was so hard.

We said that we would not add any more dogs to our lives.  
That was before our son and grandson moved in with us.  :)

Since our grandson turned 7 last year  -

we knew he needed a dog. 

In Oct 2013 I started the shopping process.  I knew if we didn't purchased one - "a dog" would show up. There would be no guarantee it would be one that fit the family allergies.  Therefore I knew we had to purchase a dog.  Poodles have been good for us so the Poodle hunt was on. 

April 2014 found us facing the choice of 3 poodle puppies. 
Each member of the family wanted one of the puppies. 
Beings we could not make up our minds on "1" puppy -
 here we are with all 3.
Crazy Right!

This is "Dot". 
She named herself as our son said.  She has a little white fluff on her chest. 
She will get her 3 month shot next week. 
Then she will get to explore the garden!
Here is "Bamboo", he is a Tuxedo Poodle
 "Snoop Dog", he is a cream/white Poodle. 
They are 4 months old and brothers.  There are busy boys!
Here they are in the garden!

Gardens are places for dogs to play as well! Judy

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