Sunday, April 27, 2014

No Energy to Plant a Garden? Then Pay Someone to get it ready to plant!

Over the last week I have had a friend help me get our garden cleaned up and ready for the planting.  She weeds the pots, trims back the old for the perennial plants, puts new potting mix on top of the pots and cleans the patio which is most of the backyard.  She has done this now for several years for us. 

I can hear you say - "You had a friend help clean up and get the garden ready?"  Why not do it yourself?  Here is why:

1.  I am in my late 60s with health issues.
2.  My husband is in his late late 60s and has a back problem.
3.  My husband and I teach college classes full time online, which keeps us busy.

That is why the need of the friend!  It is a win win situation.  She gains through cash, strawberry starts and the compose [which she enjoys having].  We gain that we do not have to do the harder work of a garden.

Now for the benefits for us.  We now can plant, maintain and enjoy the garden the rest of the year.  You might consider the benefits if you find yourself looking at all the "work" to plant a garden.

This week is the target date to get the "greens" and radishes planted.  Hopefully the rain will slow down.  That is a key element in Puget Sound gardening. :)

Will keep you posted on the progress!  Judy

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