Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Flower, Berry and Veggie Perennial Garden "It keeps on trucking" year after year!

As the years of gardening have come and gone I have learned to just love Perennial plants - flowers, fruits, berries and veggies.  Yes veggies!

These are the shoots in February 2014 from my green onions. These green onions are several years old.  I have been able almost all winter go out and snip some green onion shoots for salads and breakfast eggs. 
Here is the same plant today.

Even when I neglect the plants they "keep on trucking" as  they say.  Notice the buds on several of the plants.  This will turn into the most beautiful seed pod.  When they are at their height the pods look like an exotic plant.  The benefits are these green onion plants will be a beautiful decoration on the patio AND food. 

I just hate to keep buying plants every year. 
Here is the Perennial garden today.  Now remember this is Western Washington.
  It poured rain yesterday. 
We have not been out and "pruned" and "cleaned" the garden this year.

Seedless grapes
                           Blue Berries and                                        Strawberries
Raspberries - I have neglected these several years. 
This year I plan to give them the care they deserve!
Volunteer Kale.  This original planting was several years ago. 
They keep reseeding on their own.
Roses.  We have lots of Roses. 
During the Winter we purchase Carnations at Costco for flowers in the house. 
All summer we enjoy our Roses in the house and in the Garden. We also enjoy Carnations all summer from our garden.
My husband 12 years ago bought this fountain from Costco.  It was a stretch of the budget at the time.  He knew I loved it.  It has been the center piece of our garden all these years. 
The enjoyment of watching the water, watching birds takes drinks and listening to the sound has been worth every penny spent. 
Last but not least are Tulips!
I hope you have enjoyed a peak at the Perennial Garden!  Judy

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