Monday, June 25, 2012

Living 1.9 miles from Costco – the Perks Being a Costco Junkie

Through the years I have lived in suburbs of Boston, Miami, San Antonio, Walla Walla, Yakima and Seattle.  My most favorite place is my present living location which is 1.9 miles from Costco.  Here is a list of the perks and why I am a “Junkie”:

1)      Quick in and out trips can happen easily.  My husband loves this.  He makes runs to Costco about every other day. Yes we are Executive Members. J

2)      Getting gas for the vehicles is easy. 

3)      One of my husband’s favorites is he can buy his Mocha’s in bulk.  Yes he orders 6-8 hot Mochas at a time and then freezes them.  In the morning he just reheats one in the microwave.  He has heard rumors they are going to quit offering the hot Mochas.  I am afraid he will buy a freezer full of them…LOL.  Send the word to Costco “keep the Mocha machines!”

4)      In maintaining a pantry I liked to buy in cases.  Costco is the perfect option for us.  I watch their coupons and stock up each time.

5)      Garden supplies have been helpful.  Garden Pots [I have purchased many pots – see my videos], garden soil, tomato plants, grape arbor, roses, flowers, green house [yikes it still is not up] and my most recent purchase square foot garden beds.

6)      In 2008 when I went on a buying binge I found they had just what I needed – Tent, camping stove and miscellaneous emergency items.  Costco has increased their product list in this category.  I just purchased a handy portable water purifier for my supplies.

7)      Our home is a recycle bin [family keepsakes (not worth much but has meaning to us) and miscellaneous “why did I buy that” stuff] sprinkled with great items from Costco.  Yes we have what all techies love and our most recent fabulous purchase a leather sofa with electric lounges on each end.  We teach online and this way we are comfortable doing our work.

8)      Great for trips and travel.  We make it a policy to stop at Costco while traveling.  Our first stop like so many upon arriving in Maui was Costco.  The orchid flower leis are fantastic!  Plus we had fresh pineapple the whole week.  We took a road trip to San Francisco in 2004 and stopped at Costco stores for gas along the trip.  I have only one regret about the trips.  I wish we had taken a picture of ourselves in front of every Costco we have shopped at.  My husband and I have looked back and believe we have shopped at 22+ Costco stores.  Does that makes us the “Costco Junkie”? 

Now in all fairness I will have to say the compliment store to Costco for us has been Home Depot [next door to Costco] but that is another post.  Oh that will take one of my husband’s mochas to write.  Costco please keep making those hot Mochas! Judy

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