Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wild Fires and the Feeling of What To Do – Smokey the Bear’s Answer BE PREPARED

I wish that I could say I was always prepared for any and every emergency.  That is a wish of everyone interested in Being Prepared.  Of course that is not a 100% reality.  We all live in a very busy world.  My standing joke is “I am trying to live 3 lives at once.”  Therefore, all I try to do is have basic items that cover a variety of emergencies.  Now keeping them where I can get them in a hurry is another story [I try].

My husband has removed and put back into our vehicles the 72 hour kits more times that he wants to count.  Hauling items in the vehicles seems to require the removal of the kits.  Then we have to reminder ourselves to put them back.  Fortunately he understands my reasons for keeping those kits.  Disaster loves to strike when you are the least prepared….at least that seems to be my luck.
Life has been very busy around our house.  We all have been down with a cold.  Then my son [35 years old] and I got asthmatic bronchitis as a reaction to the cold.  Fortunately hubby and grandson seemed to just keep it as a cold.  We usually try to keep up on the news.  We had no idea Colorado was under such a siege of fire.  My husband’s cousin emailed to tell us.  She lives outside of Colorado Springs [Hoping her family will stay safe through this!].  She was opening up her place to RV’s and they could bring their animals.  Then I saw where the editor of American Prepper’s Network posted he lives in Colorado Springs area.  Even those that are deeply involved in preparation face diaster at times. [Hoping his family will stay safe!]
It is challenging to be in a disaster where you never know for sure if you and yours will be safe.  Preparedness shifts quickly.  Several years ago there was a grass fire in a field near my neighborhood.  It was a slow moving fire.  The fire department came and was monitoring it.  They were also fighting another fire somewhere else.  At that time I tried not to panic but….it is still easy to be very worried.
To keep myself from worrying I took a video camera and videotaped everything in my house.  I had always been “going to do it” but just had not got it done.  I would rather have not waited until a fire was pressing at my door to act but at least I acted.  I had my plan to evacuate and this kept me busy while waiting.  Fortunately the fire was put out.  The experience though was real.

I am sure those in Colorado are under a lot of last minute pressure.  We that are not there can use this as an opportunity to say - “what have I been putting off in the area of Preparation for an Emergency?  and then act and do it!

Hoping those people and families are safe!  Judy

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