Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Looking Forward to the 2012 Garden Through the Lense of 2011

What is it about February?  The itch to garden starts rolling through my being.  Some Februaries give more of a promising weather.  This February does not offer the lure.  The way to work those feelings through I decided was to:
  1. Work on videos of the garden. 
  2. Plan my garden.
  3. Start purchasing my seeds.
It is fun to germinate seeds in doors.  Every year I think about it.  Yet, it seems I never get it done.  This year I have decided not to even try. 
I put together a short movie on the Spring Garden of 2011.  I have used it as a motivation on how the Spring Garden of 2012 will unfold.  I used My Memories Suite to do it.  I have been playing with the software.  Enjoy!  Judy

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