Monday, August 29, 2011

Lesson Learned - Be Careful When Planning Where to Evacuate

I just read an article that shares the following:

"The town was filled with vacationers, as well as people who headed to vacation homes in the area in an effort to heed warnings to evacuate parts of New York that forecasters had expected to bear the brunt of Irene's impact, said George Wilson, youth leader at the Christian center."  "They had come up to escape the storm only to find its worst here," he said.

When a storm is coming it is difficult to tell how it will affect areas.  These people thought they were going to a "safe" place to ride out the hurricane.  It is easy to say they should have known but really it was a hard call to make.  They did the best they could. 

The lesson learned is it is important to have a plan for evacuation.  The place needs to be accessed for its strengths and weaknesses.  It has me really thinking more carefully where we would evacuate to if we were required to leave.

Something to think about!  Judy

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