Saturday, July 02, 2011

Using a Smart Phone to find items Free or on Sale

Here is a blog article that was very practicial.  It shares how to use your smart phone to save money and buy items.  In the case of this blog article it is for Prepper items.  It could be for garden items just as well.

Here is a section of the article to peak your interest:

The following is a list of ways I have used to acquire a large portion of my prepping supplies [This could be emergency supplies, gardening items, etc. as well].

"CraigList. The biggest of the online garage sales. Not only can you search online ads from your computer desktop or laptop. With the invent of smart phones, you can use a specialized application to be notified within MINUTES of the buyer’s posting. I use an app called CraigsNotifica. I wanted an inexpensive clay pigeon thrower to practice my target shooting. I created a search for “clay thrower”, told it what zip codes to look for the item, input the price range I was willing to spend, I elected to only see posts that have pictures (I want to see it BEFORE I go look at it), and I tell the app to check CraigsList every five minutes."

Do not miss reading this article if you find this interesting.

Enjoy!  Judy

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