Thursday, June 09, 2011

Solar Flare Season in Full Bloom - Are you ready?

I am sure this is "old" news to you. Still I thought it would be important to share some thoughts. I am sure I have missed some things but it is a start to get you thinking.

Having a good plan if the Solar Flares Disrupt the Grid is critical!

First on the Sustainability of the garden -

1. Do you have a rain barrel?

2. Is it filled? I am filling mine today!

3. Could your plants, trees, shrubs and flowers make it a couple of days without water? I am only thinking of the lights out for a couple of days. Not the weeks and months that they say can happen.

4. It might be good to keep close watch on watering of the garden for the summer. Like keeping your gas gage above 1/2 full. Keep the garden well water this year. They expect more flares because this is Solar Flare Season!

Second on your home and vehicles -

1. Do you have enough water for several days? It is good to have a couple of 5 gal camping containers freshly filled. You can find them at Cabalas and Wal-Mart. Buy them now because they will go out of stock when everyone else thinks about it!

2. Water bottles are helpful. As much as I hate to flood the landfills with water bottles, they are the easiest to carry in the car. They last a long time. You need at least 14 gas per person to last 2 weeks. It would be good to have 4 cases of water per person on hand. Rotate them through the vehicles to keep them fresh.

3. Do you have enough food to last several days to 2 weeks to 3 months....?

4. Do you have the 72 hours kit in your vehicles?

5. Do you keep your gas gage over the ½ empty mark?

6. Do you have a way of cooking?

7. Do you have enough over the counter medications to carry you?

8. Do you have a good supply of your prescription medications?

Communications -

1. Do you have a communication plan for the family and extended family? This one I know I have to work on this week!

2. Do you know how to text? Texting is considered the best method for contact if there is a disaster. All the more reason for me to evaluate the smart phone idea.

3. Do you have a radio for emergencies?

Cash –
1. Do you have enough cash on hand for a short-term emergency? We all know the ATMs will be emptied.

2. Do you have enough cash on hand in small denominations for a long-term emergency?

News articles on the Solar Flare Season – This is a serious issue!

New York Times

PC World and your techie things

PC Magazine Are You Ready?,2817,2386623,00.asp

National Geographic is concerned

Good Resources – Disclaimer I am not Mormon but they are experts on this subject.

  1. A great resource for the simple 4-step preparation for the short-term and long-term emergency that Mormons use. I found this web site simple and practical. Disclaimer I am not Mormon but they are experts on this subject
  2. FEMA – Suggests Preparation for 72 hours and 2 weeks.
Are you Preparing?  How?

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