Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sustainable Garden Solar Flare Plan is Critical!

Having a good plan for your Sustainable Garden if the Solar Flares Disrupts the Grid is critical!

Questions for the Solar Flare Plan for your Sustainable garden -

1. Do you have a rain barrel?

2. Is it filled? I am filling mine today!

3. Could your plants, trees, shrubs and flowers make it a couple of days without water? I am only thinking of the lights out for a couple of days. Not the weeks and months that they say can happen.

4. Do you keep your garden well water? It might be good to keep close watch on watering of the garden for the summer. Like keeping your gas gage above 1/2 full. Keep the garden well water this year.

REMEMBER - They expect more flares because this is Solar Flare Season!

See my posting that covers Solar Flare in Full Bloom.

Are you preparing?  Judy

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