Monday, June 06, 2011

Carrying a Emergency Back Pack is not as easy as it seems!

I follow a variety of blogs on preparedness.  One of them had a great conversation on how to get home with a 72 hour back pack.  I realized I had to get back into my PT Cruiser, my husband's PT Cruiser and our Durango the carts.  Now let me explain.  It seems so easy to get emergency equipment into a vehicle.  Then it seems almost immediately you have to do a load of goods.  Then for space the emergency equipment gets know just for that trip.  Then it takes days to get it back in.  I like beyond the 72 hour back pack is to have a cart.  The cart is 2 types.  One I have is a luggage cart.  It is the older style.  My favorite is one from Costco.  It is aluminum but strong.  It folds up and stores well.  The advantage is you will have something that will carry the emergency back pack if you had to "walk" home during a disaster.  I know my back can not carry hardly anything any more.  It comes in handy for moving boxes back and forth from the vehicle as well.  Even my husband, who can carry anything, likes the carts.

Enjoy! Judy

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