Monday, June 06, 2011

Bees and Honey

Yesterday I talked about honey in the high places.  Now I want to talk about it for the rest of us.  As a kid my dad had a bee hive.  I learned to love honey comb.  At the local farmer's market they have it but...  They had just a tiny piece in the jar.  I almost laughed.  We filled the jars with the comb.  I do miss them.

Our blueberries have had humming birds and bumble bees but no honey bees yet.  My cousin in Illinois posted on his Facebook establishing a hive for his fruit trees.  I keep longing for a bee hive.  I know at this point it is slim that it will happen.  My hubby is not interested and it is not something I am ready to take on.  Maybe a honey bee swarm will fly by. smile

Here is a couple of good links on honey bees.  Honey bee's life cycle Bee Hive Construction

Enjoy!  Judy

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