Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is Your Home and Family Prepared for an Emergency Earthquake Disaster?

As a family it is important to have the home and the family members ready. It might be time for a review of the family home and its preparedness for emergencies of all types. A disaster can make or break a family.

Simple items done long before an event happens can make the difference between surviving or not. The recent terrible earthquake in Haiti shows how hundreds of years can go by before the “big one” can strike. The other side of the story is how devastating it can be. Only the pictures can really show the horrendous impact it can have on individual’s lives and businesses.

Being prepared is the best that can be done hoping that would ease the situation if it happened. Here are several excellent sites that have Common Sense Preparedness:

• LA Fire Department

The government is recommending 3 days of food/water etc. While that is good in reality it would be good to think longer than that. Each family needs to assess its situation.

Past meeting physical needs of the family it might be good to think about the family records, bank accounts and the family’s supply chain. The supply chain is work, grocery stores, banks, gas stations, etc. All of these items will be potentially disrupted as well. Each family member needs to review how they could be impacted by a disaster. Some questions need to be asked and then evaluated for solutions:

• What if I was at home when the disaster strikes?
• What if I am at work when the disaster strikes?
• What if I am in transit when the disaster strikes?
• How will we all communication?

“Being Prepared” is the best way to handle a emergency disaster for the family!

Now I am going to make sure my own "Preparedness" is updated today and make my donation to help Haiti!


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