Friday, October 02, 2015

Joined Thrive Life :) Why? So Many Many Reasons - Food 25 Year Shelf life Being One!

 Joined Thrive Life :)

Sometimes life brings you a good idea.  That is what happened with Thrive Life for us. 

Jesse and I just joined Thrive Life. It is a great company that offers wonderful freeze dried food and emergency supplies. The time was right. It supports our views of a healthy prepared life. I am not a "cook" but taking a few freeze dried ingredients, mixing them together and putting them in the microwave is my style. Of course you can still use your oven if that is your style lol   Here is the link to the Justice Pantry.

 Reasons for joining are:






Tired of throwing food away which is like throwing money away

Easy to Fix


Want a long shelf life

Most items have a 25 year shelf life!


Check out the web site for so much more!


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