Friday, August 07, 2015

Why Reinvent the Wheel? Food Storage and Emergency Preps System for Peace and Preparedness!

I love Peace and Preparedness can Pass a lot of that along to you!

Thanks to for this great approach!
Getting to the level of security that you need it is always helpful to have a system to get there and stay there.  I personally love systems.  They can make like so much easier.  I shared in the last post about a weekly system to keep your food storage inventory up to date. 
This time I want to share another helpful tool that Prepared LDS Family just posted. I would call it the Swiss Cheese Approach.  You keep working on your goal little bit at a time and one day it all comes together.
I know I am saving and USING everyone of her 12 month charts!!!
Here is a sample!  This is August. 
You can start at any point in the yearly cycle to accomplish your goals. 

Have fun exploring the lists!  Judy

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