Friday, June 24, 2011

Whew It Will Miss Us! Asteroid June 27, 2011 is coming. Are you ready?

Now my title gives a mixed message I am sure.  One minute I said this asteroid is going to miss earth.  Next I said it is coming and last I said are you ready?  The reason is simple.  It is to miss us.  I sure hope it does!!!  The date for the fly by is June 27, 2011.  My question is really - Am I ready if some how the scientists have miss calculated the impact of the asteroid?  I have to say that my preparation is not set for a massive impact event.  I am though ready for a more minor event such as an earthquake.  I live in earthquake country.

All events such as this only remind me that I need to stay current in my 3 month supply of food storage and supplies. 

Here is a link to the a model video of how the scientists think it will be.

Stay ready for emergencies and still enjoy life!  Judy

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