Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sustainable Quinault Strawberries are Ready!

The plan has been for quite sometime to do videos to show the garden - so here goes!

First is the Strawberries - at least part of them. Last year I purchased 3 strawberry pots that were ever bearing plants. You should be able to see them in one of the other videos of the garden. They were fun. My grandson would come over just as the berries were ripe and eat them all. This year I decided "Grandma" wanted some as well.

The car was purchased for him and I had been storing it. It seemed to be a perfect Strawberry patch. It has mostly Quinault ever bearing. They started producing almost immediately. I have been very impressed. They are soooooo sweet as well. Glad I purchased this variety!

I like ever bearing because they keep producing all year long. I did though purchase a hanging basket of strawberries. The nursery did not know the variety. It has so many runners. My plan is to clip and plant at least 1/2 of the runners and create another hanging basket. Maybe this week I will get that done. You should see it in one of the other videos I am posting.

I also created the hanging berry bag. It has been fun just to test - so far so good. The rest in the picture are herbs and lettuce.



The Strawberry Pots -

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