Friday, April 17, 2009

A Patio Orchard in Pots and Containers - Planting

Beginning the Orchard

I promised last week I would cover how we planted our "Orchard" in pots and containers. Here goes just a quick peak through a series of pictures. It will take you some time to down load them.

First the trees were soaked in a root stimulator solution. Now I should warn you we are not a "totally organic" garden. I have read the pros and cons. In a small patio garden we decided we had to split the difference and become a combo.
There are both organic and regular root stimulus solutions to use....I will let you pick for yourself.

Next we put pea gravel in the pot. I should say these pots came from Costco. Yes we buy so much there we bought some stock in the company. This is just a disclosure. [smile] I think it is 3 shares. The pots have a well in them to contain water, which will help retain water longer during the summer. Some pots we took the plugs out others we left them. We had a difference of opionion in the family. He wanted them out and I wanted them in.. We will see this summer who was right. [smile].

Then we filled the pots with a composting soil combo specifically designed for trees. We purchased these at Home Depot. (We do not own stock [smile]) Be sure to make it into a hill. It is hard to see in the picture. So I did not show you a picture on that step. This way the roots set right over the top and around the hill. This way the roots will grow evenly throughout the pot.

Next the roots of the tree might need trimmed. Just the tips to stimulate growth. Any roots that are broken also need trimmed. You do not have to trim all of the roots.

We had one person hold the tree (that was me) and the other person (that was him) put the tree in and started filling the "dirt" around it. We used a potting soil.

Lots of packing and pushing happens at this stage. You do not want soil air pockets.

We filled them almost to the top of the pot.

Here are some of the finished trees in the pots.

He is shaping dirt into a hill for another tree to go in.

We have planted 7 apple trees in pots/containers, 2 pear trees and 2 cherry trees, 1 grape in whisky barrels, and 3 rose trees in pots/containers. They are all varieties that will grow in pots/containers.

Enjoy! Judy

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