Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marketing Sustainability the Obama Style! Blogs, Twitter and Facebook

The Obama Marketing Campaign turned the marketing of Sustainability world into a whole new ball game. I was teaching a hybrid International Marketing class for a university in partnership with a university in Mexico. The students were all 20-22 years old. One of the group activities was analyzing a great marketing campaign on the Internet. I began the activity with one question. “What was the greatest marketing campaign of 2008”. They all respond quickly –“ Obama for President”. It took me back that they all had realized that without a hesitation. Mentioning this to a colleague they said, “Yes, they were all in their 20s”. Yes, I agreed. Yet, I was taken back by the global impact of the marketing campaign. 20 year olds are Sustainabilities’ "New Customer". I realized then I wanted to capture that approach to marketing.

As a Sustainability person there are several successful free sources you can do that mirrors that campaign.

1. Look the Obama Home page over.
2. Check out the links of Obama Everywhere.
3. Establish yourself on some of those “hot” sites.
4. Start Blogging.
5. Start a Twittering.
6. Join FaceBook.
7. Follow the lead of the successful such as:
a. Ellen DeGeneres
b. Martha Stewart
8. Be prepared to spend time learning the process. This is not done in one day….I wish!

I am just learning and every day I am bringing my marketing campaign for Sustainability into the 21st century!

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Enter Sustainability Marketing for the 21st Century!


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