Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Time to Update the Food Storage - Thanks N. Korea for the Reminder

It seems that N. Korea is rattling the sabers.  This can bring out the negative side of fear - panic or it can bring out the positive side of fear - common sense preparation. 

Here is an interactive map of the missile capabilities.  North Korea's Missile Capabilities

Of course I live in the last unconfirmed bull's eye zone - the Pacific NW. 

1.  I really do not want any missiles sent anywhere.  We have enough problems with planet earth producing disasters.  Look at what Colorado and the Plains are facing.  Spring Storms  We just do not need to add to the mix missiles.

2.  I am a lover of peace.  I like a quiet garden in the backyard, a swing on the front porch, a quilt in the sewing machine, a table set with flowers and a book on the table. 

3.  I could close my eyes and ignore the situation.  That is really the easiest path.  It works sometimes....yet, what if something really happens! 

4.  I decided that common sense is to make sure my home, cars and business are ready with the basics.  I have updated the Food Storage.

It is time to grab the positive side of fear and act!  Judy

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