Monday, July 18, 2011

Economic Crisis II?

When trying to live sustainably and using common sense it is hard to know what the repercussions on decisions made in Washington DC will be in your life.  Between the EU banking issues and the US political parties trying to play "chicken" with the debt ceiling, the rest of us are trying to live prepared for the possible fall out either way.

Many of the blogs out there today thrive on the doom and gloom news reports.  It feeds their daily readers fear levels.  I remember reading one of Mother Earth Magazine's editors say they learned long ago that does not keep readers.  I try to strike a balance between urban farm gardening, a sustainable life, abundant living and emergency preparedness when writing on the blog. 

My life has been filled with hospital stays over the last 4 months [3 (2 surgeries) hospital stays totaling 25 days in the hospital in 4 months - Diverticulitis].  Being prepared at home for "whatever" would happen to me has taken priority over the economy.   Doing such things as: paying the bills for the whole month at once, seeing the food storage was good for the recovery period, seeing the garden was ready to enjoy during recovery, building my health up for the next surgery, seeing my legal paperwork was current and most importantly enjoying my family.  What was great was these were the most important things I could do at the time.

Now back to the possible Economic Crisis II.  The war of words has been everywhere.  Trying to stay out of the political battle for my life has been important.  Today though I found Jim Jubak doing what he does well - cut through the crap and make a good argument.  I have followed him for years.  He is seasoned and balanced. I thought you might enjoy his view - "Would a US default mean disaster?"

Over the next week I have updates on the garden with pictures I want to share.  I have been thinking about possible usages for my "carriage house" looking storage building in an emergency as well.

Keep looking at living an abundant life filled with the joys of life that is where sustainability, common sense and preparedness rubber hits the road.  Judy

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