Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Becoming a Smart Phone Junky or a Savey User

It seems that every time there is a new technology the psychology field has a hay day.  It started with the telephone and radio then they turned to the TV and computers.  The new smart phones are their latest target.  It does keep the profession in the news.  See my link below.

Last year my husband and I took the plunge and dropped the land lines and went cell phones only.  After months of watching my sons and their families enjoy the benefits of smart phones (1 son has an Android and the other son the iPhone) I decided the benefits were too great to pass it by.  Even my husband who says he does not want one has been learning the features of my phone.  I am still at the novice stage when it comes to my skill level. 

Why did I take the plunge?  It was texting.  Now let me explain.  I really have had "no interest" in texting.  I watched people madly texting in the past.  All I could think about was they will have to have thumb joint replacements by 50.  Now I have a family history of hip and knee replacements, which I hope to avoid.  Adding thumb replacements to the list did not sound fun to me.

As you know from this blog I firmly want to live a peaceful and happy prepared sustainable life.  In a disaster the ability to phone becomes a problem.  It has been stated that sending texts is much more efficient at those times.  The ability to send one text to a group of people at once really appealed to me.

While learning to text I spent time typing away on the key pad at the beginning.  Then my one son reminded me of the microphone process that adapts my sounds to words.  I love it!  That is the only way I text now.

As a parent it is great to text my family now.  It is simple, quick and they actually respond faster than email or leaving a phone message.  I am looking forward to learning the many other features and apps the phone offers.  I am interested in the shopping benefits of the phone.  The smart phone has been a great adventure.

Enjoying a Smart Phone!  Judy

P.S.  Here is a interesting article - "Sleeping with your iPhone?  You are not alone."  http://money.msn.com/business-news/article.aspx?feed=AP&date=20110726&id=13996330

I sleep with mine right next to me on the night stand and my husband has not got jealous yet LOL.  What if there was an emergency!

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