Friday, April 15, 2011

A Sustainable Life Growing in my Neighborhood

Yesterday I learn some fun news about my neighborhood. Now you have to understand I live in an association where they mow our front lawns. It is wonderful because the neighborhood looks like a park. It is an excellent walking area as well. The good news is one of the neighbors has chickens. I just love the idea they have them. They are a couple in our age group (mid 60s). I believe I have the largest "farm" in the neighborhood. I know I have the most buildings in my backyard and garden. Now as I had shared in one of my blogs we do not plan on adding animals to our "urban farm". So it is fun to hear of others nearby doing similar things. There is another couple in our age group that have a ham radio as well. This is really comforting to me. This way if a natural or unnatural event happens our neighborhood could keep up on what was happening. When doing an urban farm it is nice to have like minded people in the neighborhood. Judy

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