Sunday, May 11, 2014

8 Flower Wrist Corsages for Mom

How a project can bloom for a beautiful event!

This year my Mom is in a rehab center from two falls in the Winter.  Her room is small.  Space to do a vase of flowers is very limited.  After thinking what would be a nice present for her I decided on a Flower Wrist Corsage.  Now normally I would have done fresh flowers but I realized I could get more usage out of silk flowers.  She can hang the wrist corsage on the wall for weeks of enjoyment.

I am the type that like to do multiples of everything I do.  My progression moved to my grandson.  This was a perfect project for him to make his Mother and Oma [German Grandmother] wrist corsages as well.  I knew he would like the "hot glue" gun.

I purchased the equipment and materials in a quick shopping trip.  I went to the Dollar Store for flowers and Wal-Mart for the equipment. 

YouTube is my "how to do it" resource.  I watched several videos and selected the one that seemed the simplest and easiest [taking my Grandson into consideration].

I made three as a test run.  Moms plus my sister and her partner, who have done so much for my Mother in care.  They are retired school teachers.  They never had children but have helped children their whole lives.  I thought that would count as being "Mom". 

Then Joshua started on his two.  He really had fun and was impressed with the look.  We packaged them up in tissue paper and a recyclable decorative sack and topped them off with each a card.  I am waiting to hear how these presents are received.

Now I had seen all those done.  I thought I should make one for another local sister that I expected would show up to visit.  That made 6.

Wouldn't you believe at the last minute today my sister from Spokane called to say she was on the Snoqualmie Pass and would be doing a surprise visit to Mom.  I just happen to have enough to make the 7th flower corsage

Here are the flower wrist corsages ready for everyone to pick what they want. 
Of course, My Mom gets to pick first!

Somehow I got my count off in the project.  I had not made one for myself.  I was out of flowers.  My husband was determined I would not do without.  He called Safeway and off he went to get me a real flower wrist corsage.  Can't beat that! :)

Next shopping trip for flowers I will buy a supply for future projects.  Oh well it all turned out.

Here is the cost breakdown for the 7 wrist corsages:

Flowers                       $9.00
Glue Gun                      2.47
Glue                             2.47
Ribbon .50 each           3.50
Total                         $17.49  w/o tax

This made each wrist corsage  $2.49 each.

My husband's wrist corsage for me cost -   $15.00

I saved  $105.00-$17.44 =  $87.56

Another time I will make something from flowers in the garden.  It was too early in the season for this time.

Happy Mother's Day to all!  Judy

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