Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Electrical Grid Failure - Fear Versus Being Real

As the world sits by and watches India go through a huge electrical grid failure it can bring up fear.  The fear is real.  A recent statement from a Department of Defense official makes it not a fear but "Being Real" that it could happen here.  This step from fear to "being real" is significant. 

Fear leaves us wringing our hands.  Fear can even freeze our actions.  Fear can cause us to just ignore the situation in hopes "it will never happen to me".  Fear can keep us up at night worrying about the "what if".

Being Real acknowledges the possibility of a electrical grid failure. Being Real helps us to put a plan together.  Being Real takes us to the next step of action. Being Real means me and mine are at least ready for a couple of days of emergency supplies [food, water, medicine, heat], even the possibility of emergency supplies for a week or a month or even longer. 

The Department of Defense is "Being Real" and has a plan.  What is your plan for "Being Real"? 



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