Friday, March 02, 2012

Tornados Are Brewing and It is Time to Act Now

Tornados can strike without warning.  Fortunately the National Weather Service is able to create computer models and share warnings.  It is though up to individuals to be prepared.  Tornados can destroy so much that yes you could lose your supplies for the emergency but yet you still might be able to use some of them.  Better to have and not use than need and not have is my policy.

Here is my to do check list:
  1. Double Check - Camping equipment including a tent. I keep mine in our "Carriage House" [10x20 storage building). This way I could easily get to it in an emergency.
  2. Review food storage for easy to eat meals. I am on the search of a good software or app that would help me inventory my items.
  3. Refill Water - I need to check mine and refill some of my containers. I have a 5 gal in particular that is due to be changed.
  4. Earthquake/Disaster Insurance - Fortunately I pay that annually. I do live in earthquake country.
  5. Review my Emergency Plan Excel Spreadsheet. I created one.  Now to get it completed. Why do things like this get shelfed? I must bring it forward again.
  6. Review the vehicles emergency supplies. 
  7. So....get this printed and put on the white board. Yes, we have a white board where we have the weekly schedule and a "to do list".
A great resource for the simple 4-step preparation for the short-term and long-term emergency that a Mormon woman has put together.  I like this web site because it is simple and practical. Disclaimer I am not Mormon but they are experts on this subject.
FEMA – Suggests Preparation for 72 hours and 2 weeks.
I personally keep months worth of food and supplies.
Now to act on this! Judy

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