Sunday, June 05, 2011

Getting home during any emergency or if a natural disaster struck

Some thoughts on - Getting home during any emergency or if a natural disaster struck. Having a plan is important! I have a son that commutes 1 - 1 ½ hours in a van pool each way. I have tried to get him to think of having some sort of supplies in the van for the emergency situation. He made the comment – oh Mom it is every man for themselves. That was my point to him though. Does “he” have a plan and items to get home? Obviously not! Maybe now that he has a child he will think more carefully about that. I keep trying to gently push the subject. He does carry 72 hour kits in his cars. I bought them for him!

My husband has become very concerned about going South for the winter to So. Cal. We love the warm weather and had planned in retirement to spend 6-8 weeks in the fall and spring there. We do live in Western Washington where it rains all winter. His concern has been, if there was an earthquake there, how we could get out of there. The major highways all are along the fault lines. The only solution we have at the moment is we will be in our Vintage Argosy (made by Airstream) Travel Trailer. We carry 3 months of freeze dried food in it - Light weight to haul as well. We are at the age that walking home will not be the answer. We would have to hunker down in it. Talking about this makes me realize I need to get a good portable water filter for the trailer now. I am the type that likes to take everything including the kitchen sink with me as I travel around. Now I need to think if all long distance trips need to include the travel trailer. LOL

What is your plan? Judy

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