Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Did We Do This, Why and What are Our Plans

  1. We grew up with families that canned, froze and enjoyed fresh food in the 1950s and 1960s with stories from the depression fresh from Grandparents and Parents. We married in 1965. The Vietnam War stepped into our lives from 1967-1969, In the 1970s we lived in Eastern Washington State. The energy crisis put us into high gear. We lived on a 1/3 of an acre with an orchard. We froze, canned and ate fresh. Then life took us to Miami and Boston. It was difficult to live the prepared life there. We would purchase food once a month to keep a supply on hand. Then we lived 12 years on 40 acres of logged land in a log house with barns and animals [sheep, goats, horses and chickens] in SW Washington. The kids had a great time. Gardening though was not successful. Now we live in an urban neighborhood with a homeowners association. Our neighbors though are younger people with a good sprinkling of military and retired state workers. Some are prepared minded. We view our home as an ‘urban farm’. We do not plan to add animals though. Our goal is to eat fresh in the summer and fall and eventually extend the food season.

  2. In 2007 I got the bug to paver the back yard. It is about 1000 sq ft. We put in a 10x20 carriage house [storage building] with a patch of grass and a fountain as a center piece. This way we could actually use and enjoy the “patio/yard”.

  3. 2008 put us into high gear on gardening. The first year we just had a great time as you can tell from the videos putting in a huge container garden. We bought a green house, yet to be put up and a 6x8 garden shed. We also increased our long term food storage and a strong 3 month supply. Bought all cars emergency kits. Bought kits and food supplies for our kids (2 sons and their families]. Bought camping equipment, tent , camp stove, etc. for emergencies. The kids thought Mom had gone over the top. After all of the earthquakes lately they are not thinking I am quite so crazy. LOL. We live in earthquake country. Fortunately, we live in the West and people are a little more preparation minded.

  4. The year of 2009 was when we put in the orchard, blueberries and grapes. 2009 we bought a 1978 Argosy (made by airstream) travel trailer. As a kid I had seen them. We completely rehab it. We have been recyclers from childhood. Our down fall is technology. We have lots of it and make our living from the Internet teaching online for Universities and a College. [smile]

  5. The summer of 2010 we decided we should go to the Airstream Club International Rally in Gillette, Wyoming. We were gone 3 weeks in July. Therefore all we could do was work on saving the orchard. It still produced 30#s of apples. The blog lay quiet. My husband just loves the orchard. I love the garden. The hard part is we have to pay a water bill. We have decided though it is worth the enjoyment and the joy of our fresh food. We are into keeping things in miniature. That is why this yard/patio has been perfect. It turned out that 2010 was a terrible year for the gardens in our area - Western Washington.

  6. This year 2011 our plan is to be home and garden. Our grandson just loves the garden, orchard and berries. We eat and eat fresh all summer/fall. At this point we purchase our longer term food storage and 3 month supply items and just eat fresh from the garden. Our plan is to extend the season with a green house. We have had it purchased and approved by the home owner’s association for 2 years. We were working so hard teaching we have not had time. This year we hope to have it up for fall.

  7. The blog will continue following our progress in our adventure of an urban “farm” and living a sustainability life in miniature. Judy/Jesse

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