Friday, October 23, 2009

Harvesting Carrots in a Pot

The fall raining season has begun. This morning I opened my slider door to the garden and just enjoyed the rain. I realized I needed to post pictures of my harvest. Here are carrots that I grew.

They were tucked near my strawberry bed
and pot of cucumbers. You can see them in the picture below by the car's wheel. I spent the season moving the pot around as I walked around in that area of the garden.

My other pot of carrots was left for a baby rabbit that found its way into my fenced patio garden. He/Her seemed to have especially enjoyed the carrot tops.

Here is the results from this small pot ........

Not bad for a pot that I kept moving around all summer. They are the short carrots. My Grandson enjoyed them and asking for more.
Enjoy! Judy

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