Monday, April 13, 2009

A Sustainable Dishwasher Tip - Keep it Empty!

Oh my! I have a sink and counter full of dirty dishes. I usually have my dishwasher empty and ready for the dishes after a holiday or party dinner. That way when I am done with the party or holiday dinner I just push the button and the kitchen is basically done. It did not work that way this time. My dishwasher was full of dirty dishes when I started. Next time I will make an effort to plan that one better! Instead of waking up to a clean kitchen I woke up to the work.

In my Sustainability life I am trying to keep my work load to a minimum. The idea in life is to keep it simple and have time for the most important things. Sustainability is also being prepared even with little things. This is a small thing but it adds up to alot more work if not done right.

The kitchen "project" should help me remember for next time!


P.S. Because I am a "Woman of Sustainability", I recycled everything I could from the dinner!

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