Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sustainability at its Best - Portuguese Water Dogs

Portuguese Water Dogs are Hot! The Obama Presidential family selected a breed that has under 1,000 dogs registered in the United States in 1995 according to the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America's website: http://www.pwdca.org/breed/history.html.

The website also points out that the dogs history can probably be traced to 1297. Poodles, Kerry Blue Terriers, and Irish Water Spaniels can probably be traced to the "water dog". Sustaining a breed like this took great care by owners through the centuries.

Sustainability beckons to us from many windows of time. Peaking into this window of time shows that Sustainability involves keeping a line of dogs in tack for centuries. Just like plants that need preserved, dogs add quality to our lives and need preserved.

Here are some great pictures of the dogs. http://www.pwdca.org/slideshow/



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